Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Kind of Paranormal

Hugo Award winner Will McIntosh astounded the Mojito Literary Society with his debut novel, Soft Apocalypse, which sold out from Nightshade Books on its first print run.

Now McIntosh is back for a second round of Mojito cheeers for his new novel, Hitchers, a story about a comic strip writer who fights for control over his body when a catastrophic event unleashes the dead upon the living, and the ghost of his angry curmudgeon grandfather comes looking for him to reclaim creative control over the comic strip.

The novel contains elements of the paranormal and the apocalyptic, as well as lots of comedy and romance. The characters are well developed, at times infuriating, at times funny, at times deliciously lovable, and the story is written with that nicely cultivated fast pace that has earned McIntosh his many awards.

McIntosh has already signed over rights to his Hugo Winning "Bridesicle" for a film adaptation. So make sure to get your first edition print of Hitchers before all copies are sold out!

Hitchers gets a first rate Yes! from this Mojito Literary sister.