Mojito Literary Society Code of Conduct

Here's what you need to know:

1. Tina and Susan, the proud founding members, reserve the right to kick out any authors/members who are overly reticent, ridiculously demure, and/or politely unbiased on issues.There is surely some society you can join where these qualities are valued -- it's not this one.

2. You can invite other authors/ cool people to join and/or post. As long as they are interesting and amuse the other members.

3. It would be excellent for you, as an esteemed author/member, to comment on the posts of others (if possible -- we understand how one may sometimes vanish on some silent meditation retreat without email). Remember -- this blog is all about reassuring ourselves that we are the greatest writers in the entire universe. We rock. Our friends rock. We are all totally awesome.

4. Shamelessly promote the blog and our collected greatness.