Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mojito Literary Society Writers Retreat WInter 2013

What are the ingredients of a top-notch writers retreat, you ask? First, start with three writers (more or less, to taste). We liked a mix of poet, historical fiction writer, and mystery novelist.

Place in secluded location (a cabin in the mountains is ideal, but beaches and some cities could be substituted -- here is the view from our front porch at Paradise Hills Resort and Spa in Blairsville, GA)
Add ice (sleet and/or snow and/or freezing rain are all acceptable forms of frozen precipitation)
Season with BACON (no substitutions)
Warm gently

Flavor with your favorite libation (a large and varied selection is a MUST! Quality preferred but not required.)

Write like a maniac . . . and enjoy. Here's hoping you get to join us next time.