Thursday, November 11, 2010

Works by Jen Pezzotti

Today Jen Pezzotti, a brilliant photographer and airline stewardess, is sharing some of the beautiful photographs she has taken in her travels. I was thrilled when she kindly agreed to display her stunning work on our site. Please leave a comment telling Jen how much you like her photos.

NOTE: Click on the photo to view entire image!


I became passionate with taking pictures about 2 years ago when I realized that I was traveling to all these interesting places and wasn’t really going out. After a long flight I would just run to a local market and back to my hotel room. In March of 2008 I purchased my first digital point and shoot camera, a Canon G9 (which I still love), and really started to enjoy taking pictures. I started taking my camera with me on my trips and searching out good locations to take shots. This past summer I finally purchased my first DSLR, Canon 7D, and subsequently started taking photography classes. I think what I love about digital photography the most is the instant gratification as a creative outlet.

Light in Dublin

A portion of Brighton Pavilion

Carousel Brighton UK

Mermaid Inn Rye England

Ha'Penny Bridge Dublin

London Bridge

London Bridge

Train tracks in Aston, Pennsylvania

Boat House Row Philadelphia

Philadelphia Art Museum and the Water Works

Pusey Plantation Upland, Pennsylvania

I carry my camera everywhere and will stop anywhere now to get a picture - hence the tractor doing work while I was driving down the highway.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

Stairs in San Francisco

Salem, Masschusetts


Regencyresearcher said...

Fabulous shots. I didn't know Jen was such a wonderful photographer-- or any kind of photographer. Really great views.

Tina said...

The light in these is amazing! It feels so alive, like it's moving. And yet every other detail is precisely etched, like an engraving. And the colors are breath-taking. Amazing talent. Thank you for sharing it, Jen and Susanna.

Katydidittoo said...

These are incredible. The light in the pilings shot at the beach is breath-taking. Thanks for sharing with us. You've made me want to write a poem for those San Francisco stairs.

Tina said...

Aren't the stairs just amazing! If you write a poem to them, you have to share it.

Liz Fichera said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos! I love the bridges!! It's like you can see movement in each of the photos.

Delle Jacobs said...

Just amazing. I love Jen's work and think this High def color and contrast is mind-blowing. I've used one of her photos in a book cover design and got all kinds of compliments on it.

JenP said...

Thanks everyone for the nice compliments and thanks Susanna for posting them! Nancy - it's surprising isn't it that I get away from my research obsession every so often to go outside and take pictures! Delle I loved that you used one of my photos on a cover it looked incredible. Katy - I would love to read a poem about the stairs in San Fran.

Jennifer Lane said...

Really impressive photos!