Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And the new year brings....

publication! My first. Though I do book reviews and editorials here, and in the daytime I am an academic advisor--no, you don't need Biology 4 for your Calculus degree. Yes, you are going to have to take College Algebra.--I am, at my core, a poet. I see the world in snippets and lines and images that I think can be lines of poetry. I carry around a red moleskin notebook to make my notes and jottings.
Still, the very idea that anyone would ever publish anything I write has always been a far fetched one. I mean, why would anybody care what some girl from Vidalia writes, right? Luckily, other people in my world don't believe that and have encouraged and prodded and insisted. Lucky me! Today, one of my poems, "My Muse's Bidding" was published by a new fabulous online literary journal based here in Charleston--Pluff Mud Mag.
Wade over here to have a look
Here's to an unimaginably amazing 2011 for us all!


Liz Fichera said...

Way cool, Katrina! Congratulations!

And Happy 2011, everyone!

Susanna Ives said...

Love poem! Congratulations!