Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bobbye's Recommended Reads

Broken Wings By Lora Leigh

Though Ms. Leigh is known for erotica, this one is not an erotica novel. My friend and occasional co-writer Linda Campbell recommends this one. She says it is a multi-layered fantasy/sci fi. According to Linda, although this novel stands on its own, her only regret was that Ms. Leigh made her name and career in another genre before she ever wrote book two of this series.

Here is the book blurb from Cerridwen Press, the publisher:
He is the king of a winged race steeped in honor and tradition. His blood runs fierce and pure with his Eagle Clan heritage. She is the general of a clan that should not exist. Her blood is diluted, tainted by that of the reviled Vulture breed. Now Dearn and Matte will come together, each fighting for the existence of their people and peace between them. But first, they must defeat not just the Vultures, but also the demented dreams of a human king and the merciless vengeance of Cinder, the demonic god he follows.

Snowfires By Caroline Clemmons

Take a stubborn woman and a determined man, each plagued with self-doubt and past issues but strongly attracted to each other, throw together on a trip to Dallas, stranded in a blizzard and mix well, in bed, until they turn into molten lava. These two keep the heat up when the heat doesn't work and make you keep turning the pages to see how they'll rectify their differences and save a corporation.

I enjoyed this book. This is Ms. Clemmons' forst foray into indie publishng. She really got down the cold windy conditions of the northern panhandle in winter. Her sex scenes aren't bad either!!
Available at Smashwords:

Books By Terry Campbell

I would be remiss to not take the opportunity to let folks know my backlist is now up on Kindle. All short screwball romantic comedies, look for these three books under my pseudonym, Terry Campbell.


Tina said...

How could I resist a book described with the phrase "mix well in bed?"

And good luck with the Kindle backlist. This seems to be the road to success for many writers; you'll have to update us later.

Bobbye Terry said...

Will do. Thanks for the comment, Tina

Caroline Clemmons said...

Thanks forthe plug for Snowfires! I loved Fat Chance, It's Magic, Mr, Wrong, and am about to open Intimate Investor. Great writing! Can't wait to get The Slam Sisters.

Myne Whitman said...

Lora Leigh writes good. I'll also check out your books, fat chance has an interesting cover.

Susanna ives said...

Go cerridwen and smash words! Thanks for the indie reviews!